Fayetteville Student Housing Complex

Role: Equity Partner Representation

Project: Supported 20-acre, 109 separate cottage apartments, 8 apartment buildings totaling 650 beds, all on an aggressive schedule. 

Major challenges included sequencing subcontractors in so many separate buildings within one project.

Houston Student Housing Apartments

Role: Equity Partner Representation

Project:  Oversaw construction of two, five-story apartment buildings with an 8-level attached structured parking garage. 

Challenges included overcoming  severe weather and associated site condition delays.

‚ÄčApartment Infill Project

Role: Owner's Representative

Project: Managed the final design and construction of this 140-room apartment complex on the site of an old paint shop and gas station.  

The facility was completed directly adjacent a busy apartment complex.

Construction Project

Management in Dallas, TX

Multifamily and Student Housing Projects